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SDD 14b45 Midwest Guardrail System (MGS) Thrie Beam midwest guardrail system midwest guardrail system thrie beam transition 12-gauge section thrie beam , steel guardrail connection terminal w beam terminal w beam connection to vertical face parapet traffic one way limit of steel plate mgs beam guard 4 , steel guardrail connection terminal steel thrie beam connection to vertical faced parapets section h-hCHAPTER 14: GUARDRAIL and BARRIERSAn EXCEPTION to this would be (FLARED TERMINAL ONLY with STEEL POSTS): The SRT-350 with wood posts, is the only SRT terminal currently approved. The FLEAT-350 is the only approved flared treatment that has steel posts, and is energy absorbing.

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KENTUCKY STANDARD DRAWINGS1 steel w beam guardrail (single face) rbr-series std. dwg. no. (current edition) item 10 bridge end drainage area 12 isl. intergal curb or isl. curb and gutter 11 curb box inlet type b 6 bridge end connectors 4 end treatment type 2a 8 guardrail earth berm 9 terminal section no. 1 Guardrail and End Treatments Structural & Steel Products


1.any road with suitable back slopes shall use end terminals oncoming traffic shall have a crash worthy end terminal as noted: n guardrail ends that are inside the clear zone and exposed to (see s-gra-series). m all runs of guardrail will begin and end with an anchor system end treatments thereafter requires two bolt connections.Updated Standards for Guardrail and Guardrail End , steel guardrail connection terminal E 402.2.0 Steel W Beam Highway Guard Terminal Connections on Existing Bridge W-Rail Leading End at Abutments and End Posts E 402.3.0 Installation of Steel W Beam Highway Guard (Trailing End) at Existing . Bridge Abutments and End Posts (W-Rail) E 402.4.0 Masonry Bracket for Steel W Beam Highway Guard on Abutments and EndAssembly Instructions for MSKT MASH Tangent This Installation Manual is for the MSKT-SP-MGS (Standard Post / Steel Post) terminal called the MSKT. The MSKT is intended for use with the MASH MGS (Midwest Guardrail System) 31" tall W-Beam barrier. The MSKT is a steel post terminal that can be attached to steel post or wood post MGS barrier.

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GUARDRAIL - Minnesota Department of TransportationGUARDRAIL F & I END TREATMENT 2554.521 ANCHORAGE ASSEMBLY PLATE BEAM by EACH 2554.523 END TREATMENT _ ENERGY ABSORBING TERMINAL by EACH used for FLEAT-350add note Shall be flared and have steel posts. 2554.521 ANCHORAGE ASSEMBLY CABLE by EACH 2554.523 END TREATMENT - TANGENT TERMINALIngal Civil Products' Guardrail Safety Barrier

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Standard Detail Drawings - Table of Contents Page 2 . v.1. 14B27 Steel Plate Beam Guard Short Radius Terminal a. b c . v.3. 14B28. Guardrail Mow Strip . v.1Virginia Department of TransportationVirginia Department of Transportation Guardrail Installation Training Manual --GRIT-- Procedures and Practices for the Design, Installation, Replacement, and Repair of Guardrail and Crash Terminals Published August 2017 (Revised Jan. 2019)Ezy-Guard Smart Guardrail Barrier - Ingal Civil


The base metal thickness of the steel W-beam rail element for a curved guardrail system shall be 0.105 in. The base metal thickness of the steel W-beam terminal connector shall be 0.138 in. The wood breakaway posts shall be S4S timber and shall otherwise be in accordance with 911. The curved rail timber posts shall be in accordance with 911.ET-SS MASH guardrail end-terminalGuardrail: Design Standards, Index 400 MASH Guardrail: Design Standards, Index 400 MASH Implementation Future Plans Derwood Sheppard, P.E. , steel guardrail connection terminal Connection-Uses a Thrie-Beam Terminal Connector similar to the Approach Connection. Design Standards Index 400, Guardrail , steel guardrail connection terminal Guardrail End Terminals = First 3 Post

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Assembly Instructions for SKT-SP-MGS S Tangent This Installation Manual is for the SKT-SP-MGS & FLEAT-SP-MGS (Standard Post / Steel Post) terminals. The SKT-MGS and FLEAT-MGS (Midwest Guardrail System) terminals at 31" rail heights are also available with timber posts. See page 4 for all post options. The SKT-SP-MGS & FLEAT-SP-MGS were designed and crash tested to meet the requirementsAssembly Instructions for SKT-SP Tangent TerminalAssembly Instructions for SKT-SP Tangent Terminal FLEAT-SP Flared Terminal ROAD SYSTEMS, INC. P. O. Box 2163 Big Spring, Texas 79721 Phone: (432) 263-2435 FAX: (432) 267-4039

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The high tension cable to steel beam guardrail connection requires an end terminal with a 4 foot flare. Use BA-206. A minimum of 25 feet of tangent W-beam is required downstream of the BA-206 for the special anchor section required to make the high tension cable to steel beam guardrail connection. Figure 5: High Tension Cable Guardrail to Steel , steel guardrail connection terminalPLAN FOR TYPE 21 MINIMUM INSTALLATION LENGTH delineators shall be firmly secured to the post by two connections. shall be used. earth pad is required as shown on s-grt-2p as described on the drawing. criteria specified in nchrp 350 or aashto mash. only terminals listed on qpl list 17 safety performance of tangential guardrail terminal end shall meet the tl-3 evaluation at bridge endsIndividual Cable End Fittings for Cable Railing Systems


POST/RAIL CONNECTION AT POSTS 2-9 POST/RAIL CONNECTION PLAN PLAN Timber rail 9 Timber rail 8 Timber rail 2 Timber rail 1 Standard SBT rail 5 " 8" Ø x 15" bolt 5 , steel guardrail connection terminal TL-2 End Terminal for Steel-backed Timber Guardrail General Information Appropriate Applications. Steel-backed timber (SBT) guardrail is an aesthetic roadside barrier. , steel guardrail connection terminalWEST VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION west virginia department of transportation division of highways standard details book volume 1 drainage, guardrail, pavement , steel guardrail connection terminal dr 6-d type d inlet gr 9 guardrail bridge transitions and connections dr 6-e type e inlet gr 10 , steel guardrail connection terminal dr 6-h type h inlet gr 13 temporary concrete barrier dr 6-s slot inlet gr 14 steel guard rail post and block (c , steel guardrail connection terminalChapter 1610 Traffic BarriersConnections. When installing new terminals, extend the guardrail to meet the length-of-need criteria found in 1610.03(5). When replacing damaged terminals, consider extending the guardrail to meet the length of need criteria in 1610.03(5) When the end of a barrier has been terminated with a

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